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Dr. Sanjay K Jain; M.B.B.S., M.D., is the senior child specialist having experience of more than 20 year. After having done M.B.B.S from S.N MEDICAL COLLEGE AGRA and later he completed his M.D. in pediatrics. For the last 20 years he is independently providing medical services to the society. He is director of well known SHRYA SPECILIST POLYCLINIC in Dwarka, New Delhi, India.
"Shrya specialist Polyclinic, "a premier polyclinic also Dwarka’s No.-1" has been rendering its services since April 2000. It as the most primitive and vintage polyclinic of Dwarka.Dr Sanjay K Jain is author of various books on different topics of parenting. His first book was "Iklaute Ko Vijeta Banayen" (Hindi, 2011) and “Your Child is the Winner”. Many other books by Dr. S. K. Jain, on psychological aspects of parenting and on the only child like “basics rules of parenting” and “practical parenting” are in the works. He has successfully conducted nearly 150 workshops on various topics like “my child is not eating well”, “my child is not interested in study”, “why my child is not behaving well”, “my child like too much T.V.” in Delhi NCR, various states of India and abroad. He helps more than 1000 of case of poor school performance to successful child. Health is truly the most treasured wealth .We have the ability to perform much better if we are

physically, mentally and socially healthy, and the same is applicable to our children also. We provide the complete solution for poor school performer. We provide/conduct free* educational assesments, I.Q. test, D.M.I.T., Family counseling, Child guidance, Guidance for poor school performance, Only child parenting, Career counseling (up to 17 year of age) , Parent counseling, Personality testing, Counseling for poor grade in school, and other psychological test for ADHD, Autism spectrum disorder, Autism, Dyslexia. also running Guidance clinic child and Child counseling clinic. by working with these children we can recognize bright children and their capabilities and after working with them we can improve the overall performance of the child for the betterment of our children’s future.